Casey Jo and Paula!

14 Nov

We had the pleasure of working with Casey Jo and Paula (P.) this summer on their invitations.  These two are as sweet as they come and a decisive couple (making our job super easy).  They knew what they wanted and they loved everything we put in front them.  We will be sharing photos and some gems of knowledge from the weddings and civil unions of the couples we work with from now on. So, here is the very first Ladyfingers Letterpress post-wedding post…

Names & Occupations:
Casey Jo Thomas (transitioning to Dufresne!) works for a public high school in Providence & Paula Dufresne works for a production house in Boston

Our story:
Six years ago we met at Paula’s birthday party in a bowling alley. It is important to note that P, I say P, LOVES to bowl; Me, well I aim to please! That night I was introduced to some of the most amazing people, one in particular, I will ever meet. P and I were “just besties” for many years and watched each other drift in and out of relationships. One day we both realized that we were comparing all of our previous partners with our best friend… and so it began! We spent many of our first dates in the Village in NYC as P was freelancing in the city. One chilly February night, P had dinner waiting on me. We engaged in a bit of friendly political debate (very typical of us), then came the amethyst in a cupcake, and lastly oodles of happy tears.

The biggest challenge was the most obvious… the wedding industry is gendered, boy or girl; which is just not the right fit for us. Our solution was to stay as far away from the wedding industry as possible and when we did need to participate we chose local vendors who were invested in creating a magical day with us. It was not hard to stay true to ourselves, tis the way we live our lives. Though it should be noted, we still experience discrimination on many levels- federally but personally as well. Very few of my family members came, my father was not in attendance.

Favorite Moment:
We did not abide by most of the wedding “traditions”. We just did not find personal relevance in many of them. However, we did spend the night before apart just to add a little more excitement to the day. It took my breath away when I first laid eyes on P all dressed up and waiting for me with our friends and family. Oh, how could I forget?!? We arranged a work trade for our venue- a farm in central Massachusetts. As a gift, the owner of the property surprised us with fireworks- by the end of the night the whole neighborhood was celebrating with us.

Be sure your day is true to who you are, both individually and as a couple. Remember everyone you invite loves you, no need to feel any pressure to impress! And don’t be afraid to ask for help, no one wants you to be stressed on their account- it is suppose to be your special day. We asked our loved ones to be part of our day: to help decorate, read literature that is meaningful to us, play music before and after the ceremony, dj the music for the night, give speeches, take pictures, and one of our best friends officiated the ceremony. We were surrounded with so much love and positive energy— words truly cannot define how remarkable that feels.

I just want to stress the awesome local vendors are around! And you don’t have spend tons of dough! I would like to highlight a few wonderful companies we worked with:

GreenLion Design, everything they touch is breathtaking.

We had to get a restroom trailer for the farm where our big day took place… Scott at Hallman’s, was so sweet; he even gave us an upgrade because it was not rented that day.

Spexton Jewerly, made a great quality affordable ring for P.

Jonathan at LastSketch Photography, is down to earth and incredibly talented.

Ladyfingers Letterpress of course, the invitations were amazing and these two really know what they are doing!

*FYI: Crate and Barrel feature many different representations of couples on their wedding registry site; So we used them.

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  1. Lois Smith November 16, 2011 at 3:26 pm #

    I really enjoyed such a sweet, pleasant, funny down to earth wedding. I am honored to have been a part of it all, even though I had to leave when it got dark so we would know how to get out of there. lol. Nice time though and perfect for the two of you.

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